Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Paula Deen rock and roller

I was raised in the South in the 50's.  The women I knew growing up were pretty much all Paula Deen.  And I don't mean that in a bad way.  They were sweet, well meaning, great huggers, and great cooks.

Paula Deen is 2 years older than I am and 2 years older than Marshall Chapman.  Marshall and I went to high school together.  We were both raised in the same space and time as Paula Deen and, had we done what we were supposed to, we would have very likely grown up to be just like her but not as successful.

Marshall grew up to be a rock and roller and at 64 she's still at it.  She has a new album coming out.  And she has a video.

Most likely no one but me can see the Paula Deen-ness of her now but as I watch this, I can see vestiges.  I'm also really amazed and impressed by how great the skin on her face is.  Wow.  She spent a lot of years wallowing in the drug part of rock and roll but damn if her face didn't escape.  Impressive.  Also looks like she didn't follow the prescribed route through Southern food.  I'll bet she can still wear the clothes we wore in high school.  The bitch.

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