Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Eat what's on your plate or don't eat. Simple

Whenever we whined about food, after the lecture about starving children in xxx (it was Biafra in our era), she'd follow with Eat what's on your plate or don't eat.  It's simple.

I have a lot of cat food that Betty and Zoey don't like.  Guess I know now why Grocery Outlet had it on sale.  I try to only serve it about once a week.  But, that's really just delaying the aggravation.  This morning their bowls are full of fresh food and they are begging for more. Tough.  They will eat it eventually.  But there will be a lot of whining between now and then.  As I type this, Betty is back here up on the bed to plead her case again.

The TV and radio people are threatening me.  The hot weather is acomin'..  Today should be ok but starting tomorrow hot hot hot through all of next week.  Right now the forecast is for 93 on Wednesday. While that's spring cool in some places, in Seattle is Africa Hot.  Oh well, at least in 2 months we'll be back to livable.

And my car has good air conditioning to get me to the pool.  And the deli downstairs has great sandwiches so I won't starve.  And I have my wonderful air conditioner here in the living room. It is not strong enough to really cool down the house but it's sure better than just a fan and it does keep the living room cool.

But, that's all tomorrow. Today is swim class at noon.  I found an interesting swim (laps) program online last night so I think I'm going in early and give it a light try. I think I can cut each rep to one and get it done in about 15 mins.

Next week, hopefully, CES will have it's hotel links up and I can reserve my room for January. We stayed at the Wynn Encore last year and I said I was going for the Wynn regular this year but I've been doing some research and I think that I may do the Encore again.  The Wynn regular is older and might not have the kind of room we want - 2 beds with sitting area.  Mainly, I want to make sure I get one or the other.

I have a couple of holds ready at the library.  Happily, it is on the way to the pool.  No baseball game today.

This is one of the most rambling entries I have ever read! ha. 
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