Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far, excellent

Yesterday, I made a flyer for the bulletin board in the garage that said 'free mattress - if you want, come and get before Monday evening.  The trash gets picked up on Tuesday morning.  I went down this morning to make sure it was ok to put it in the dumpster. Scott, the building manager, told me that it wasn't!  But, he said, to bring it down anyway. He puts them next to the dumpsters when he rolls them out on the street the night before and someone always takes them.  So fine.

I decided to go ahead and drag it down on my way to the pool. I had it out in the hall when my phone rang.  It was the fun guy (the one who made from the 3rd floor who has a little boy.  He took it and the mattress pad and was delighted as was I!

Swimming was wild.  I do not know what it is about Mondays. All these people who have never been there before (and, likely, won't be back) come on Monday.  It was a madhouse.  Two of the regulars and I were in the shower after discussing and one said 'I got kicked twice, shoved against the wall, once and headbumped - I'm exhausted!'

But, I got in my laps.  I tried fins, too, for 3/4ths of the length of the pool.  FAIL.  Don't have to try that again.

I finished the teddy bear pattern and got everything updated and upfitted and, I hope, working fine.

I found a place to stash my tall airbed - the one I will use when it's too hot to sleep.  The fish room bed is ready for the new mattress which will be here Wednesday.

No game tonight.  I have TiVo to clean up and I'm still 3 seasons behind on The Glades.
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