Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday in my little life

There is nothing on the books today that has to be done.  Nice.  I will probably go swimming - I tried to swear off Mondays because it's always too crowded but now that the pool is on the Summer schedule, maybe I'll give it a try anyway.

I'm still working on the switch from Key Bank to BECU. I still continue to be impressed at the difference.  Key Bank wants you to call them or come to a branch for every stinkin' thing.  BECU totally gets that we changed decades about 3 years back.

One of the last bits is to get the rest of my income - an auto deposit - deposited to BECU instead of Key.  I can make the switch myself on part of it but my 'paycheck' from my investments has to be switched over by a guy so I sent the email request in.  Shouldn't be too long now.

One of the folks who had knitted my bear in the past graciously agreed to review the V2.0 version and reports that she can't find any so I need to fix it up - get the links correct, etc and then build the web page and then make sure all the V1.0 stuff points to new.  Then think about the fish pattern.

I ordered a new airbed mattress for the fish room.  So right now that room is a mess.  In a loft where you really only have virtual rooms, having one be a mess is a problem. So I just turned off the lights there. Now having such a dark space is giving me the creeps.  New mattress will be here Wednesday so it's short term creepage.
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