Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Only a few hours after I say that Betty is back to normal, she poops in the fish room.  Phuck.  Back to the pumpkin for her.   There was a wet spot on the carpet nearby and I thought she might have peed there which would even be worse - as in far more difficult to clean up AND entirely new behavior but it didn't smell like pee at all so whew.  A healthy dose of vinegar for all.

Then I got a wild hair to replace the very crappy mattress in the fishroom bed with the air mattress.  That way 1. there would be a better place to sit/lie down in the fishroom and 2. the air mattress would always be ready to go.  EXCEPT...

The air mattress is one of those really high ones.  Great for getting up and down from it but not at all good for setting into the 'window seat' bed.  Sits in fine, just looks like shit.

Plus in getting the old mattress out and giving the air mattress a blow job, I got another blood bruise on my hand and two little ones on my nearly healed arms.  PHUCK.
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