Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gooood swim

The kids from the last few Sundays were gone!!  I had a lane to myself for nearly the whole 30 minutes.  I think, often, my preference is to share a lane with someone who is a bit faster than I am.  It's like having a pace car.  But today's was a lovely swim and I'm so glad I went.

Across from my pool is a day care/nursery school that's not small.  The building is kind of a c-shape with the open side away from the street.  The doors and windows are kept closed and I never hear anything.  Today, I got to the pool early and was kind of chilling in the car with the windows down and someone opened the school door and wow!  A huge swell of gospel music escaped.  It was beautiful and surprising and fun.  I'll betcha that place is packed with large ladies in awesome hats.  If they had kept the door open, I probably would have delayed my swim by at least several hymns.

Two door down from there is a house that was a vagrant's dream.  It had boarded up windows and graffiti all over it with blankets on the porch.  It didn't even look very sturdy.  Last year, a guy was painting it one day when I was going to the pool.  Two days later the graffiti covered the new paint.

And then, about a month ago, one day it was all spruced up with new trim and new paint and a new fence.  The next day it got new windows.  The yard was all fixed and there were hanging baskets of flowers.  It went from abandoned junk to adorable house in a matter of a week.

Today there were people moving stuff in.  3 women - all with bleached straw straight hair - punk rock white girls moving some nice looking furniture in.  It's amazing how one house can perk up a whole block.  Fun.

I have pickles for lunch and a ballgame that - oops - already started.  Thanks for the backup, TiVo!!
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