Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I can't think of anywhere I really want to go for brunch and I have breakfast makings here so I think I'll just save some dough and mange here.  And then swim.  There's a Mariner game today down the block so traffic could be a problem (they are playing an actual decent team), but, if I do, I do.

I've got nothing on the agenda today or really much this week which suits me fine.

We're getting into the uncomfortable part of Summer.  Last night was too hot to sleep. Tonight starts all air conditioning all night.  That will likely work for awhile.  When it doesn't, I'll blow up the air bed out on the terrace.  When that doesn't work, I'll move the airbed to the living room right in front of the A/C.  Having a plan makes me feel less depressed about it.

The cats continue to be good.  Zoey seems to be getting enough to eat - Betty has harassing her over her share.  Betty's eating regular food now without pumpkin and seems to be doing fine.  She throws up once in awhile - like a normal kitty.   And it's not full of chunks or just clear or full of hair. We seem to be on an even keel.  But, I still have about a half a case of pumpkin in house for when things tank again.

I am really tired of cat food cans.  At least they are recycleable.

Ok, I have now futzed around on the computer enough and I'm hungry.
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