Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And yet, I had a pretty darned productive day

I may not have had the best breath day, but, I sure got a bunch of stuff done.  House stuff.  I still need to empty the dishwasher but otherwise, all is good.

Last night Comcast did something funky with my internet.  I was back up within 30 minutes but it was a fairly frustrating 30 minutes as it wasn't a normal outage and it almost looked like my account was broken.

I got everything all put together before I went to bed but I totally forgot the IP camera. Tonight I thought to check and it was down down down.  I easily connected it to this network but I couldn't get it to work outside.  Unless you were on this SSID, you weren't seein' it.  The router was set up right - the port was opened - the camera was set to the correct IP... I was stumped.  One time howeird noted that while I might not understand what I'm doing, I seem to always pick and poke and eventually fall into the answer.  Every time something like this happens, I think of that and keep picking and poking.

The camera is wired into a switch which is wired into a wifi extender that talks to the router via wifi and the router is, of course, connected to the modem.  That's 6 different things that could fuck up and/or might want a reboot - in a particular sequence.

I finally, as predicted, stumbled into the right combo and bam, I'm back online.  Whew.


I haven't decided if tomorrow is brunch or swim... I'm kind of learning towards swim right now.


Betty has no mats yet this year.  If she keeps this up, she may not have to get shaved this summer.  Zoey's never seen Betty naked.  That could be funny.


I did order Zoey a mesh door gate today.  She loves sitting there watching the hallway but she can't seem much through the shoji screen that I've been using so she just manipulates it open and goes on out.  Better to fork over $15 than the $60 fine if someone reports me to the homeowners ass. for loose animal!


My arms and hands have healed enough to wear short sleeves!  At least until I fuck 'em up again.
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