Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday morning

Yesterday was pretty much devoted to finishing the knitting pattern.  I got it written and got all the photos organized and into a PDF that looks just fine.  And, discovered that converting a Google Doc has a handy little 'save to HTML' feechur so the web page is nearly done, as well.

I've asked a couple of people to proof the PDF so I'm going to hold off before I publish and finish off.  But, the new bear pattern looks so good that I'm pretty sure now that I have to do a new version of the fish pattern.  I'm glad I only have two to look after.

Today is swimming class at 8:30.  It's Maria's last class.  Montrel starts next week.  Change is good.  New teachers at my weekday classes, too.  I bought a backup of the waterproof MP3 player I love.

I got a 'nearly new' one on Amazon.  It came full of music and lovely stuff, too!  Bonus!!  If anyone is interested, this player is by far the best.  There are lots more that are more expensive and a few that are cheaper but this one doesn't fail after a few uses, is easy to manipulate in the water, easily clips on to suit or goggle strap and even comes with an armband if you'd rather use that.  And if you can find a used one, it's cheaper and it comes loaded up with music!!

After class, I'm thinking about Wild Mountain Cafe for breakfast and then some errands and then home.  I need to plan carefully as the Rock and Roll Marathon has lots of roads closed and Freemont has a parade.

I think I'll go ahead now and head out and get in some laps before class.

Google made me an animated gif of my finished bear (I took several different shots quickly and the autoawesome feature went to work) - it cracks me up.

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