Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Live and Learn...

And today, I learned that I do not have to repeat this evening's adventure.

The deal was, one of my favorite teachers had an deep end aqua jogging class at 5 pm today in the city's salt water pool which is also Olympic size.  I've never been in an Olympic sized pool and never been in a salt water pool and it was cold and rainy today so it would not be crowded.  The time was right to give it a go.

The pool is at the far point of a large park in a part of town difficult to get to - especially at 5 pm.  You are fighting rush out traffic and then another whole batch of rush hour traffic trying to get to the ferry - the park is next door to a ferry dock.

I tried to do my homework but just like when I was in school, I suck at homework.  I pulled into the parking lot for the park and grabbed my gear and headed in.  It was raining and for the love of nature, there were no signs anywhere in the whole fucking place.  The track was gravely and there was a lot of uphill - which, since I don't breathe well, isn't that much fun for me.  I finally found someone to ask and finally got to the pool 30 minutes later.  My gear is in an open weave plastic carrier and so really wet - as was I by the time I got there.  Getting into a wet swimsuit isn't that much fun.

Swimming in salt water is different and, honestly, not in a good way.  Laps in an Olympic pool go quickly from fun to not that much fun.  The class was good.  And NOT crowded.  There were 5 of us.  The instructor was really flattered that I'd made the effort.

The locker room and showers were ok but only because there were so few of us.  Normally, that pool is packed and with a line of people waiting for other people to leave so they can get in.  The locker room/shower situation would suck big time if crowded.

I had already decided, before I left, that I was experiencing my first and last time at that place.  And then I had to walk back to my car.  I could not go the way I came because there was no way I could climb up those hills - no with my lungs and not with the Crocs I had on.  So I had to walk the long way which was still and incline and about twice the distance ending in a rather steep hill.  I had to stop many times along the way just to breathe.  I was sopping wet, carrying a sopping wet towel and suit and my gear.  It was so not pretty.

When I finally spied my car from the last block away, I thought I would cry I was so happy to see it.

Then I went on to the restaurant which used to be a favorite only to be told that single diners had a choice of the bar or the counter.  Period.  And I was not told it particularly nicely either.

On to Luna Cafe which is a great place and have my favorite kind of milkshake - banana and chocolate. And a cheeseburger and fries.  And a nice, dry place to enjoy it.

My suit and towel are in the wash and I am whipped.  At least I do not have to do that again.  Any of it!
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