Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Don't tell me how to think

When I was 6 and my sister was 5, our family moved from Kansas City, MO to Winston-Salem, NC.  We had moved a lot but my sister and brother (2 at the time) were too young to remember the other moves.  My brother didn't care one way or the other as long as he had his Superman cape (a towel attached with safety pins) and his coon skin cap (he was all about including all).

But my sister had a fit that started the moment they told us the news and lasted pretty much until we unpacked.

My Mom who was not of the 'let's discuss how you are feeling' variety told her 'you won't even remember Kansas City after a week.  Way to torch the flame, Mom.

In the car, all the way across the country, every minute she was not asleep, my sister was was declaring that she still had not forgotten Kansas City.  Our family was rich in family lore but "I still have NOT forgotten Kansas City" was a rallying cry we all bellowed for years and years.

I remembered it today when I walked down the hall to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I glanced into my bedroom and felt an instant sense of peace and calm and pleasure.

In 2005, with the help of an amazing designer, this condo went from the beige it had been for 15 years to a rainbow of colors. I paid big bucks for the designer, the design and execution.  The result looks to some like a color wheel barfed all over my house.  My designer tried so hard to talk me out of the colors.  Her idea of a pallet of lively colors looked like Army drab with brick red to me.  My idea of turquoises and pinks and yellows and limes looked geographically inappropriate and, honestly, not doable to her.

I remember most her saying "these colors are great for today but you will really tire of them after a while.  After a year of having to live with them, you will regret going this bold."

To her credit, she listened to my request and, even against her better judgement, designed my home to be one that I love love love.  I've always particularly loved the bedroom.  The blue and green and yellow walls with my currently lively patterned bedding always makes me feel safe and comforted and peaceful.  Even when I just walk by.  Even after 7 years.  If something happened and I had to redo the whole place from scratch, I would do it exactly the same way.
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