Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 swims or 1?

This evening I'm going to go to the class in the olympic size pool that is outdoor, saltwater and heated.  It's the perfect day for it.  Cloudy, misty and not the kind of day that casual swimmers wold consider appropriate.  The class is at 5 and not easy to get to.  Between that info and never having been there before added to evening traffic, I think I'm going to leave here about 3:45ish.  There's a shopping center nearby so if I get there really early, I can knock off some errands.  Or just go ahead and see if I can do some laps or stretches or something.

After class I'm going to one of my favorite places that I never get to for dinner - Endolyne Joe's.  Their fried chicken is so good that I've never been able to try anything else on their delicious menu.  But, like the pool, it's really a bitch to get to.

But what to do about today's swim.  Ordinarily, I'd go to today's class, too.  But, this is a transition week and there's no telling what instructor we'll get.  If we get Dave again, it won't be anti-fun.  You can't really find out who it will be until they are by the side of the pool ready to start and there's no way to bale that's not insulting.

So I'm thinking I'll just skip that class today.  I do have a project to work on. So I think I'll just stay here and get my project done.

My project is re-writing my teddy bear pattern.  The pattern is really broken. It has been for a while.  It's got mistakes in it.  I've gotten email about it over the years but most have been whiny and didn't provide much incentive.  This week a woman who's finished bear is cute as cute can be, suggested some changes when I sent her a complimentary note.  She was so kind that I was finally shamed into making Version 2.0.

I gave it a good start last night but there's way much more to do.  I need photos to go with the words.  The photos need to be taken in progress.  And then I need to make a pdf and web page and fix the Ralvery page.  It will probably take a few days to finish off everything.  
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