Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stuff of the day

I learned today that one of my favorite authors - Vince Flynn - died at age 47 of  cancer. And I'm pretty pissed.  Back in the day when I was working part time at the mystery book store, I discovered Vince Flynn.  We got in tons and tons of publisher copies of books soon to be published.  One day, I randomly picked up his first (first from a major publisher) and read it and screamed from the rooftops BEST SELLER!!  I whined and yelled and put up a fit until the store owner ordered a bunch.  Then I made a big display of his books and badgered every customer who came near.

Finally others started seeing what I was seeing.  He had a great characters and wrote outstanding political thrillers.  And now, he and his characters are all gone - way way way way too soon. Shit.


On Monday from 11:00-11:30, the pool was packed.  Today, same time, I had a lane to myself the whole time.  It was great.

Then I came home, dumped my suit and towel and headed over to the market.  I wasn't that into but felt a neighborly obligation.  I'm very glad I did.  The vendors were very cool.  One stuck a cherry in my hand - that was good but too sour. So I asked he had sweet ones and he said 2 weeks and I said I'll be back!  I got bagels from the fresh bagel guy.  And half sour pickles.  I've been looking for half sour pickles in this town since forever with zero luck.  I got some today and they are  I got market bucks which I honestly don't understand but you give them $15 and they give you $15 worth of paper good only on food in the market.  I figure I'll use it eventually and I did get a nice shopping bag but mainly I wanted to let them know we were glad they came.

Then I rounded the corner to get a paper from the Real Change guy and came on home.  I was glad I made the whole effort.


Front door TV network is full of clean up today.  Scaffolding people and trash/clean up people.  The fire caused damage in 3 units and one hallway.  I'm ever so grateful that I didn't get to participate!
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