Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat food wars... a minor victory

I put the food in Betty's bowl and put it down and she starts eating.  I put the food in Zoey's bowl and she starts eating.  Then, immediately, Betty leaves her bowl of food and goes and pushes Zoey out of the way to eat Zoey's food.  Zoey doesn't fight for it.

Today, when Betty started for Zoey's food, I grabbed Betty and her food and put her in the bathroom and closed the door.

Zoey finally came back and finished eating all she wanted.  Betty did not make a sound in the bathroom and didn't even run out when I finally opened the door.  I think we have a plan, for now.  When Betty goes for Zoey's food, Betty gets a bathroom time out.


The farmers market opens at 10 this morning in my neighborhood. Plans are for it to be here every Wednesday from 10-2.  My current plan is to stop by after I swim but, honestly, there is really nothing I want there.  I feel like I should show support so the real current plan is that if I feel like it and if it's cloudy and cool, I'll probably wander over.


Nothing going on today.  I should do laundry but I don't have to and might not.  As the days get hotter, I get more lazy. Hard to believe that I could better my laziness but it's true.  Plus it's still June.  We've got July and August yet to go.  Ugh.


I'm seriously considering moving my main banking stuff to BECU.  I'll keep the Key Bank account for back up but the customer service seems so much better at BECU.  I'm trying now to work through all of the ramifications before I pull the switch.  There's no hurry.  Key Bank is a fine place, it just isn't geared for the way I want to bank.  BECU sure seems to be.


I have an hour and a half until time to leave for the pool.  I think I should use part of that to clean out litterboxes.
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