Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

yes and no

Swim class today was a bust.  Dave the idiot was teaching.  Happily I got there 20 minutes early and got in some good laps and, he started off the class by announcing he's be working at the beaches this Summer so we will not have him for class again which is great because as an instructor, he really truly sucks.


No more real news about the fire - more of a confirmation of what I had guessed, surmised and gotten from Twitter.  Damage to the building was minimal and we (the HOA) are not fiscally responsible for the fix.  Thank you.


seattlejo got the skippy on the rents in the new building outside my terrace. "Square footages for our one bedrooms start at 599-1004 sq. ft. and pricing from $1575-$3320, and two bedroom homes start at 891 – 1162 sq. ft. $2680-$4150." I am a leetle surprised the prices are so high.  I am also more grateful than I have been in many years to have bought my place.  I used to think that I would have had more fun renting and easily movable to try out all the different neighborhoods in town.  But if I had to pick one, I'd pick this one.  I have 13 years left on my mortgage which is under $1,000.  (Of course, HOA fees are nearly $6K a year and taxes are another almost $4K so my real monthly nut is closer to $1,300 but still... I've got 1,300 sq feet!)


My new swimsuit arrived and it is a gynormous NO!  It's hard to get into, uncomfortable and makes me look like I have back fat screaming to break free.  Yikes.  Happily, it's $3.74 to send back.  Unhappily, it means that I really don't love any of the styles of suits that last the longest.  Sigh.  I'm exchanging it for a style that I hate the least.  Since it's light enough to go first class, I'll probably have the new new one by this time next week.

And on the way home from the post office, I stopped in the gym and booked myself a massage appointment for a week from Friday.  I'm trying the other masseuse this time.
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