Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The day after...

From what I can gather - without getting real facts from real sources - last night a woman in the condo unit one floor up and at the northernmost end of the hall from here, was firing up her outdoor cooker when it exploded.

(The units on the 5th floor have much bigger terraces and they are not covered.  An explosion on the terrace of one of the lower floors would have been much worse, building wise.)

There's a woman on this hall who is one of those people who live to make drama out of nothing.  My door was open and she was standing there yelling in...  There's a fire and I can't get to my cat carrier!!!  There's a fire. There's a fire.

No fire alarm.  Lights on.  Firedoors open. No one else in the hallway much less making a mad dash for the streets.   Just this annoying woman getting all frantic at my door.  Finally she asked it I had a leash and I actually had one right by the door so I gave it to her.  She was having a fit and finally go the leash on and left.

As soon as I got back to my chair, I saw a tweet from the fire department saying there was a fire in my building!  I thought about leaving but still no alarm and the cats didn't seem interested so I just watched the Front Door TV Network and Twitter until it all blew over.

The incident happened on the opposite side of the building from me.  Apparently on the west side, there was massive action with lots of fire engines and stuff.  Those people you see on the terrace just below the action are in a unit on my floor.

I also saw a recap on the 11 pm news.  Apparently, the woman exploded on was injured as well as a firefighter.  The woman - Dawn - has lived here for about a decade.  She's pretty much a whacko and PIA but I am sorry she got burned.  (I'm actually only guessing it's her because of they said her age is 60. It could be her partner but I think partner is younger. Partner is not that whacko and not a PIA.)

Thank you, Twitter!


Today is class at the pool and a new instructor - Kirsten. She's so new that the staff I asked wasn't even sure who she was!  Should be interesting.  My new suit arrives tomorrow.  That website is really good about whisking shit to my doorstep.  Nice.


Betty's getting bad about food again.  Sigh.  She now has full bowls of dry available always.  This morning I got up and filled her bowl with wet food.  Then when Zoey came in, I put some wet food in her bowl.  Before Zoey could even get to it, Betty had whipped around and hopped onto the counter and made a beeline for Zoey's bowl.  Zoey just backs off and goes away.  I took the bowl and Betty went back to her own.  I finally just took Zoey's bowl back into bedroom with me and held onto it until Zoey came in to eat.  She basically licks the juice off and nibbles a little.  And then wanders off.  The minute she did, here comes Betty from the kitchen to finish it off. And, then she went back to finish her own.

It's not critical - Zoey gets plenty of water and dry food - but I wish I could get Betty to chill out.  On the up side, the food fight shows she's really nimble and quick for a 13 year old cat!
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