Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Changing times

For years (about 15 actually) I've had 4 domain names.  For most of those 15 years I had all four hosted somewhere.  One had my website, one had the images, one had database driven pages and one had - I actually can't even remember. (Karolene is my birth middle name. It hasn't been part of my legal name for decades but, since it's rather unique, I have used it for all kinds of online things.)

It was a convoluted, complicated system built over time because hosting plans either had not enough storage or were too expensive and also not reliable and because the cheaper ones did not accommodate what I needed to run my oh so primitive database stuff.

But, over the years, hosting companies have gotten rock solid reliable and offered tons of storage for cheap (my main hosting company keeps giving me more and has not raised my 'rent' in a decade).  I no longer do any database stuff - I barely do web stuff but just keep the old shit around.  Last year I consolidated everything to one hosting company and one domain name.

The bill just came in for two of the domain names and I can't figure out why in the world I would want to renew them even for cheap so I'm going to let them go...  bye bye.  It was a wild and wonderful time.  Thank you.


The big news this week is that the city pools all start their Summer.  New lifeguards, new schedules, new instructors.  The big saltwater pool opens 7 days a week.  Yesterday the swim was good but the lap part of the pool is half kids' class and it's a leeeeetle chaotic.  It was the last Sunday of that for the summer - so next Sunday should be better at my normal, indoor pool.  Today is a lap day.


Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, there isn't much on the Playbill this week.  Fine by me.  
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