Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's big decision is Brunch or Swim?  The pool doesn't open until noon so Swim then Brunch isn't a viable option.  Brunch then Swim doesn't sound too appealing.  So....  As I type this now, swimming is winning.

It looks like it's going to be a nice day out and my hope is that everyone is either outside playing and/or doing Father's Day stuff and the pool won't be crowded.

There's a baseball game at 1.  The Mariners have won two games against Oakland - Friday and yesterday.  Oakland does not suck. We play them again today and I'm seeing a blood bath.

The Mariners keep trying to move the marbles around in a frantic attempt to make a team.  Last week they fired an ok catcher and hired an old one who's record wasn't that good.  But, yesterday that old guy hit a grand slam home run to win the game.   I guess when he looked at what was possibly his last chance to play the game, he dug down and found some baseball he'd never found before.   It was pretty cool, actually.

Things continue in what I'm now thinking of bazaro world in cat land. Both cats are self feeding on dry food.  Zoey's still getting a little wet food.  She doesn't want much.  I have now cut Betty down from 2 cups to a fourth  cup of wet (mixed with pumpkin) because if I give her more, it just sits in her bowl.   They get the wet at breakfast and dinner.

No begging. No frantic food grabs. No poops outside the box and no throwing up.  Frickin' amazing.  Both cats are way way way more chilled.  They are often now within inches of each other.  It's like each one is invisible to the other.  They have their own spots.  As I sit on the bed typing this, Betty is napping in the hallway where I can see her and Zoey's on her spot in the bathroom.

20130616_083821_Occidental Ave S.jpg
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