Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Musical Condos

Last night, after it was on the market for a day, one condo upstairs sold for the asking price.  To a couple who live upstairs down the hall.  The couple selling the unit were selling it because they bought one up the hall that belonged to an old guy who died.

On the second floor, one couple is moving out and another couple who live down the hall is buying the first couple's units.

Oh and one on the 3rd floor is probably going to contract today to someone who used to live here, sold their unit and now wants to come back.

There's a real estate agent who lives in the building.  Neighbor Ann got the skippy from her.  She's holding an open house today for the unit that sold last night - to make contacts.

All of a sudden this building is HOT!!!  Everyone wants to live where I do.  I get that.
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