Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I'm off to the pool.  My plan is to leave just after I finish this which will give me 30 minutes for laps before class.

After class, I'm not sure what I'll do but I want to kill time until at least 11-11:30ish.  Errands, brunch...

Betty continues to be a changed cat on dry food.  She still loves her canned but instead of vacuuming it up and begging for more, she, like Zoey, licks a couple of layers off the top and leaves the rest.  She's even 'sharing' a bowl of dry with Zoey. I put one near Betty's wet food and Zoey walked over for a snack and Betty didn't even protest at all.

Seriously, I feel like I'm living in upsidedown cat world.  Still no throwing up.  At this pace, I have enough canned catfood in house now to last for years.

My neighbor below just me put his unit on the market yesterday.  His unit is identical to mine in square feet and foot print (same kitchen, same closets and bathrooms) and he bought his exactly 1 month before I bought mine.  He's a realtor and has his price set at $375,000.  There's another unit down the hall that's listed for $350,000.  There's one upstairs on the 5th floor that's listed at $599,000 (it's a bit bigger) and one on the 2nd floor that's on sale for $349,000.

Ann, down the hall, met a couple in the coffee shop downstairs yesterday.  They are from Oregon and were up here to look at the condos.  They told Ann they had been waiting for several years to buy in this building and finally, they had hope.

It has been several years with no units at all for sale.  New times.  I paid $167,000 in December of 1991.  But, it's not for sale. I'm busy living in it.

Time to suit up and hit the road.
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