Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dynamic changing

This Betty food thing is turning out to be hilarious.  She sat on the ottoman inches away from my sandwich at lunch and didn't touch it.  Last week, I fought her for every single bite.  She's all over the house in places she hasn't been near in months.  Since she no longer has to wait in the kitchen in hopes of snaking food, she's got a whole new agenda.

So... Zoey's trying to figure out what her role is now.  She's thinking that now Betty might want to play.  (Betty seems to be thinking, whao there, Speedy... we need to take this a little slower...)

Wow.  Oh and so far, no one has thrown up.  Wow.


The fridge deal is done.  Jeremy called.  He asked if he could 'shoot you a couple of ideas' and I said sure. I feel bad for him.


Swimming was great.  I need a new suit. The ones I love just don't last.  The ones that last are boring.


Seriously, this cat situation is hilarious.  They are both just cracking me up.
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