Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, this is different

For the past six months or actually way more, my mornings have gone like this:

1. radio starts playing
2. betty comes up on the bed and paws me til I get up
3. feed her and go back to bed with coffee and the laptop
4. in about 5 minutes, betty comes to beg for seconds (If i feed her too much she just throws it up and asks for more anyway)
5. repeat 3, 4, and 5 sometimes 2 and 3 times

After yesterday's dry food bust, she ate a LOT of dry food.  This morning I woke up to find the dry food bowl empty and the wet food bowl with food still in it.  I filled up both.

No one is begging me for anything! Betty's in the hallway resting and watching me.  Zoey's in the bathroom watching me.  No one threw up last night or this morning.

I feel like I'm living in Upsidedown World!  And I like it!  I'm sure it won't last but, hey, I can enjoy it today!


The radio just said that this weekend will be hot. It won't be hot hot, just Northwest hot which is way hot enough for me.  It's fine. There is no outside thing I really want to do and I have an air conditioner.


No special or different plans for today.  Swimming.

Tomorrow, I need to plan. The UW graduation takes place at the stadium across the street.  This brings tons of people into the 'hood - people who don't know the area, don't know where to park, people who are lost and frustrated, people who just stand in the middle of the street or park in the intersection. It's always the biggest mess of the year.

The madness starts about 9 am and I can't get home from the pool before it starts so I will be looking for other stuff to do.  Breakfast, shopping, errands... maybe I'll get the car washed.   Probably I should make a list.


I need to quit waiting for a cat to throw up.
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