Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'd be thrilled to earn your business

I'm sorry but I'm just a sucker for a sales guy who knows how to do it right.  Yep, I bought the new refrigerator.

On Monday evening, after doing my homework, I sent an email to Jeremy - the sales guy - saying I wanted the black one and asking if we could do the deal for $1,250 - tax, install, take away included.

This morning I got a note apologizing for the delay - Tuesdays and Wednesdays are his weekend - and attaching a complete quote - everything for $1,236.  ha!  He wins.  And maybe I would have done it on price alone but, honestly, I'm sucked in by his approach and style.
I was in sales once.  In the 70's, I was a sales rep for IBM. I spent hours in class learning the art of the deal.  The most successful sales person not only makes the sale but makes the buyer happy for the success of the person selling.  Jeremy is like Exhibit A for Doing It Right.

Plus, I get a new fridge!!!!  (Every since I saw the full width swing door one, when I open up my french doors I feel so claustrophobic.  I've been living with it for 6 years and fighting the narrow. I can't wait to have WIDTH!!)

Two to three weeks.
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