Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I bought an expensive Kurieg coffee pot from Amazon and then after a couple of weeks of using it, decided that I really wanted the upgraded model.  So I went to Amazon and notified them that I wanted to return the one and buy the other one instead.  The problem was that I no longer had any of the original packaging.  So when the new one arrived, I put the old one into that packaging and sent it back.

If you read Amazon's return policy, there are lots of ways that my return would not qualify for a refund.  But, refund they did.  And they paid shipping.  Wow.  I am way happier with the upgraded model - way happier - and now so delighted with Amazon that I nearly feel guilty!


Today is swim class at noon.  I need to remember to eat something about mid-morning - like a bowl of cereal or something.

I don't really have any other plans today.  There isn't even a baseball game tonight.  I could go to a movie. I could go out to eat.  There are a couple of things on my 'want to do someday' list that I could check off but, I am just really not into any of it.  I'm way more into staying home, knitting bears, playing on the computer, watching stuff on TiVo/Roku.  The good news is that nothing and no one is pushing me to do anything other than what I want to do so stay home it is!!

And right now I think I'll go watch yesterday's This Week in Google - a TWIT TV podcast from yesterday - and knit a bear.
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