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Today is housecleaning day.  She comes once a month which really, honestly, works out perfectly for me cleaning-wize, budget-wize and having-someone-in-my-house-wize.  It will be fun to have a nice clean house again.

This morning I paid bills and set aside the refrigerator money.  If it's still there and untouched and unneeded come next payday, I'll revisit the sitch.  I did take the opportunity to examine my Comcast bill and I gotta say they are doing it right, finally.  Their bills used to be such a PIA to decrypt and now they are really very clear.  Nice.  I'm not always thrilled with them but lately I am way more happy than not.  I'm also liking Verizon.  I get a healthy discount (28%) on Sprint (thank you Microsoft Alum club) but their service sucks to much that price began to matter less.  And, even without a discount, I'm paying about the same on Verizon and getting MUCH MUCH better service (data anyway).

howeird mentioned that he upgraded and then un-upgraded his internet radio. I have the same one and didn't even know you could do this - switch to their newer system.  So I tried it with one of mine.  As with all things Logitech, until you actually get the product or the software, you can't fully understand the limitations.  I would lose my ability to operate my radio from my Chrome laptop.  I would have to install a Windows program to hear my own music.  I do not want to mess with that and don't want to give up my nice little browser remote control so I also un-upgraded.  Now I know.

It's supposed to be cloudy and cool today.  My understanding was that this was supposed to be all day.  Apparently, there's been a change of plans.  The sun is out and it is frying my living room even with the shades down.  The sky has clouds in it but they are, apparently, only for show.

Swimming at 11.  I found out yesterday that one of my favorite teachers has a class this Summer at the one city pool I've never been to.

Coleman pool is an olympic sized, saltwater, outdoor pool.  It's a long hike to get to the pool from the car and it's a not-terribly-easy 20-25 minutes from here (middle of the day) and their only deep water aqua exercise classes are at 5 pm which puts me smack in the middle of commuter traffic.  But, I've never been in a saltwater pool and I gotta do it once.  The pool opens for classes next week.  My favorite teacher teaches on Thursdays so I think next Thursday, I'll leave early, get my zen on and just power through the negatives and go.  But, today it's the regular pool with regular water and no class, just laps. Which, honestly, I've come to like as much or more than the classes in many ways!

My favorite summer shows are starting up again and some new ones.  Plus, I found a couple of new HGTV shows last night.  I finally gave up on Justified - for the third time.  I love the characters and the cast, the plots are just not interesting enough to slog through.  There are two movies playing now that I wouldn't mind seeing but, frankly, both would be find streaming on my TV and I can wait.

And now I'm all caught up... 
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