Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

this is the downside

I love my life. I love having my freedom. I love not having to share my house and my life.  But, there are downsides.

I have the freedom to get severely focused on the most ridiculous stuff.  I have no one to edit me even when I really need editing.

I have no good reason to get a new refrigerator.  Mine works fine.  But, I have the money and I want one - kind of.   So I found one that I really like and I sent an email at 7:28 this morning committing to pay a lot of money for the one I want.

It's now 2:15 and I have not gotten a response.  My guy could have the day off.  My email could have gone to his spam.  I should hope he does not ever respond and I can put this whole new refrigerator idea away and save the nearly $1,300 bucks. Which would be good considering my investments are having a bit of a 'correction' recently.

When I came in the house after swimming the first thing I thought was, wonder if he's called or answered my email. Stupid.  Had he done either, I would know it because I had my phone in my pocket and it chirps one way for phone calls and another for email.  Yes, I could call him. Yes, I could run up there.  Yes, I could send an email to their main email address.  But I also feel like maybe if I do nothing, I will be able to save myself from myself.

I feel like if I can get past today, assuming he does not respond, then I can maybe put the whole thing in my rearview mirror and move on.

It's this kind of thing that makes me feel like I need more or different things to do in my life - sometimes.  Kidding.  A little bit.
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