Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


A lot of people feel strongly about their refrigerator configuration!  I get it cause I do, too. I just feel differently strongly.  I am now a lot smarter refrigerator-wise speaking.

While there seem to be a gazillion different kinds available, once you narrow it down to the width my kitchen allows, the number of choices go way way down.  I've finally gone back to my refrigerator roots and settled on a swing door, freezer top model.  I've had side by side and freezer bottom and, honestly, freezer top, full width just suits me.  There is no model - on the face of the earth - that has swing door, freezer top with ice and water out the door.  And there is only ONE model that has an out-the-door cold water model.  That just seems so weird to me.

I also made the giant decision to go black.  I really hate stainless steel.  I particularly hate it on the refrigerator. It seems like it's only job is to attract finger prints.  The rest of my appliances are stainless steel but all of them have major black areas so I am going black.  Plus, black (and white) is cheaper.  So I sent my guy at the good place a price - can we do for this - taxes, install, take away - total for this?  If he says yes, I've got myself a new fridge. If he says no, then I'll live with what I got.  All's cool.

And, yes, there are a lot of other places (Home Depot, Sears, Lowes) in Seattle and around - there are a bunch of places in the burbs - that sell fridges but I do not want to do business with any of them and cursory online look shows me there's not a lot of cost savings, if any, with any of them.  I do cherish living where there are so many choices!

It's a cool cloudy day with hope of some rain later.  Kind of a gift.  There is a rather big breeze moving The Tree That I Hate from one side to the other.  I may have to wear my light weight sweater today for warmth rather than just to cover up my ugly arms!

The laundry is laundrying and all is good.  I have swim class at noon.  I think I'll go in a little earlier and get some laps in.

Tonight there is a sold out soccer game at the football field and a Mariners game at the baseball field one block away.  I am soooo glad that I do not have to be out in the car after 4 this afternoon.  The Mariners game is the pristine match between the two worst teams in baseball on a weeknight so aside from the players and staff, there's likely to be no more than a dozen or so in attendance but the soccer game is a world qualifying game between the United States and Panama.  In other words a Major Fucking Soccer Deal.

I might love today's weather because this evening it will be cool enough to have the doors closed so the game noise will just be a joyful din and not interfere with my watching of the Mariners' loss.

The only other thing on the hit parade today is to tidy up for the house cleaner tomorrow.  Things are in good shape so that's really only a matter of a walk through to put away the few things that somehow didn't find their proper home.

Ooops LJ is having 'emergency maintenance'.  
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