Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The art of the deal

I just decided to go find out about this fridge deal.  There is a small appliance place just south of here that I kinda like but kinda don't.  Then there's this giant local chain that everybody deals with that I'd never even actually been in.  I figured I'd go to the small place and get info and then see what I thought.

I bought my washer/dryer from the small place and while it's a fine set, I found out a few years later that if anything happens to one unit, I have to replace both which kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.  The dryer broke.  But when I asked about replacing, they sent me to their repair service which turned out to be a fabulous outfit and the guy fixed the dryer in 3 mins.

I bought my dishwasher there and the install was not pretty and, in fact, the dishwasher sticks out from the counter but not really enough to worry about. It just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

But they are so close and so handy so in I went.  Their showroom is very easy to maneuver and I looked at fridges for a bit until this really nice - godmadehimtosellstuff - guy came over and I learned all kinds of things about fridges that will fit my space and do what I want.  Plus, I just really liked the guy so much.  He looked me right in the eye. He listened to what I said.  He was good.  I found two that will work.  One I really liked but it only spits water out the door.  The one I didn't like as well spits ice and water.

And the price is about $1k less than I expected.  He'll throw in delivery, installation and takeway of my old one.  If/when I'm ready, he'll do the deal over the phone, takes about a week.

Then I got in the car and went to giant local chain place.  Their showroom is weird. I wandered around trying to figure it out for a while and finally found the refrigerator room where there seemed to be zero rhyme or reason to how they were organized but they had a bagillion of them.  Finally this guy asked me if I had questions and I told him my width requirement and my wanting in door ice and water and he showed me one that was a nothankyou and said he didn't have any others but he could look them up online if I wanted.  I said ok, thanks.  And left.

I plan to do some online research of my own, now that I have a better idea of what I want.  But, if I decide to get one, there's no question who will get the commission.
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