Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Livin' life

My nighttime ritual starts at 10.  I go into the bedroom and brush my teeth and stuff and then get onto the bed and turn on the 10 pm news.  I fire up my tablet and start any one of a number of mindless - mainly match 3 - games while I listen to the headlines.  When they start to repeat the 5 pm news (usually 1 story in) I turn off the TV and turn on my audio book. I play games and listen to my latest thriller for an hour.  At 11 I turn on the 11 pm news and continue playing games until I hit a news story I've heard before when I turn off the TV, turn off the tablet, turn on the internet radio to my Pandora station du jour which plays for an hour - I usually hear the first 5 minutes.

My tablet is getting almost too sluggish to use. I tried all the easy stuff and finally had to factory reset it this morning. I lost all my amazing scores but my match 3 skills are such that I know I can get them back :).  I was pretty delighted at how easy and fast it was to do the reset and get all my apps back.  I should do that more often.

Next on the This Thrilling Life Hit Parade was the final step in connecting my BECU and HSA accounts so that I can easily move money from one to the other starting in either account. I can dissolve that HSA account next March when I qualify for medicare.  But until then I need to keep it.  My former employer put $300 in it last month!  It's clearly not part of COBRA and a damn nice thing for him to do.

Tonight the Mariners will play the worst team in baseball. It will be extra humiliating when we lose to them again - we've already lost to them twice this year. Oh well.

Before that game there is swimming.  Lately at the pools, sunny, warmish days mean lower pool population which is fine by me.  Mondays tend to be a bit crowded.  I did notice last week that I was passing the guy in the faster lane next to me so maybe it's graduation time if the faster lane is emptier.

When she died, they kept running a clip of Easter Williams being interviewed and saying she swam 2.5 miles every day before she went into the studio...   That's 4,400 yards or 176 laps.  I'm doing about 800 yards that's a little under a half mile.  I think it would be fun to get up to a mile regularly.  I think I can do it if I pace it correctly.

And...yikes... I just realized it's time to suit up and go!
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