Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nicest Sunday

I had brunch this morning with ljtourist.  It was our second annual Frank's birthday brunch and I was caught off guard.  We had a great brunch last year and just the other day I thought 'I haven't seen Frank in a while, maybe I should institute a half birthday brunch tradition.' And then I forgot.  He called last night and all of a sudden I realized that I had missed the half birthday mark by 6 months!  Tomorrow is his actual birthday - it's been a whole year!

But, we had a great time.  He has a new, beautiful, shiny white Audi convertible which is  And we went to Newcastle which is across the lake and high up and a great drive.  Plus, he put the top down after and we rode home blowin' in the wind.  And it was a perfect day for it.  No direct sun and not too hot and beautiful green below gorgeous blue sky filled with puffy clouds.  Seriously, perfect.

And I had what may have been one of the best eggs benedicts I've ever eaten.  Amazing hollandaise which had absolutely been separate ingredients before today (ie not a powder mix) and perfectly poached eggs - just all over delicious.

We got back as the crowds were gathering for the Mariners game so I had him drop me off in the International District and I joined the crowds walking to the game only I torked right when they went left.  It was even a lovely day for a walk outside and my breathing was better than it has been in a weeks.  And much better than yesterday so win win win.

I outed myself with the previous entry about Opentopia.  But, that's ok, I think. It wouldn't have felt right for long to read their comments without letting them know.  Especially since they are so kind and fascinated.  It's only fair.

This afternoon I really should do some laundry.  I got another of those cute purple Walmart tables and I need to put it together and take a load of trash to the dumpster and watch the Mariners lose and... knit bears!
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