Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

no fog, plz!

One of the confusing things about swimming is goggles.  When I was little, you only used goggles if you were lame.  They were giant and looked way more like diver goggles.

These days, you are lame if you don't wear goggles.  But their size and shape has changed a bit :)  Nearly every website I find with tips and techniques for swimming all say 'get used to wearing goggles.'  So I did.  And it does make for a nice swimming experience.

The problem is fog.  They fog up within seconds now and it's very annoying.  I asked Maria, the swim teacher this morning and she said I have worn out the anti-fog.  Doh!  I put on my pair of backup goggles and wow! Huge difference - no fog.

So I stopped at a sports place and shopped for good goggles.  There are LOTS and lots and lots of choices. I focused on anti-fog and spent $20.  We shall see how they last. I also found some anti-fog spray on Amazon.  I may try that.  But, I'm good and not foggy for now.  Whew.

The sporting goods store was in a giant mall and I ended up doing a hike and a half looking for shoes and a new wallet - found neither but I did manage a very nice bit of exercise.

Now I'm home and the Yankees are already ahead in the 1st inning.  The game is here and the traffic reflected the high number of Yankee fans here in town.  Tonight there is a soccer game in the other stadium.  I think I'm not going anywhere else today unless is on foot.
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