Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zoey and fridge

It's always amused me how cats go through stages.  Betty wasn't always 'touch my food and you will die'.  And she has had spells of not even acknowledging my presence in any way.  Now she will occasionally show me a little love and has even kind of backed off the food thing a little.

Zoey had a bad day on Tuesday.  Anita was cooking all day and Zoey was not happy about it.  Since then, she has turned into snuggle cat.  For the first time ever, yesterday she curled up next to me while I was knitting and tonight she did the same thing.  She comes over for snuggles and love a lot more since Tuesday.  Weird.


I want a new fridge.  I want one with water and ice spewing out the door.  My old one isn't even old and is not even close t failing.  If I had a place to house it, I'd consider selling it via Craigslist, but coordinating the delivery of the new with some Craigslist person picking up the old is just not doable.

Wonder if appliance places pay for trade-ins?  Probably not.  I'm going to start a Fridge Fund just in case.  Once I get the cash gathered, I'll come up with a plan. 
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