Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I have two things on my plate.  Two!  That's the equivalent of slammed in the retirement world.  My brother has another issue of his newsletter ready for editing and formatting.  And there's swimming.  Some mornings I wake up just itching to get in that pool.  I am rarely even in the water more than 45 minutes but I totally get the exercise endorphin thing for those few minutes.

I was thinking yesterday that this time last year I was working.  I was on a project that I hated but that was winding down.  I wasn't really thinking about quitting but I did realize that I could have if I wanted to.  It was in mid-July that my boss laid me off.  My line of thinking yesterday was that even though it was tough the first six or seven months, it's now absolutely part of me.

I like being retired. I like the freedom and no longer feel like I'm floundering.  I swim, I knit, and I my feelings that I should be doing something more productive with my time are growing dim.  Life is good.

And I'm fine with anyone who wants to listening to all my phone conversations.  I watched every episode of The Wire. I'm cool.
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