Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Key Bank? No Thanks

Last weekend, I sent an email to my two banks - Key Bank and BECU - asking how to add my brother (who is physically in Texas) to my account.

On Monday I got a nice email from BECU with all the info I needed and a link to the form with instructions as well as a couple of different options as to how to make it happen.

Today - Thursday - I got an email from Key Bank: 'You would need to discuss the options to add your brother at your local KeyBank branch. Typically, both parties need to be present in person.'

Wow.  Thanks, Key Bank for such great customer service.  Me thinks BECU will be getting more of my business and you will be getting less...  pretty soon.


Last night I slept like a rock.  I think it was catch up from sleep lost with stomach cramps and hot and not using the breathe right strips.  Last night I stipped off all coverings, turned the ceiling fan on high, went with high powered nose strips and wow, did I sleep good.


I have a free, no-standing-in-line, ticket to see The Kings of Summer tonight.  I think I'm going to take in dinner at the belt sushi place and then go to the movie.  I might even leave a little earlier and drop in some shopping places.  Maybe.  But, if the sun stays out and it gets too hot, I might just call the whole thing off.  The good news is that I don't have to decide until the last minute.


Betty is sitting here patiently waiting for me to get up and fix her some more breakfast.  She's asking so nicely, that I guess I'll just do it.

20130606_092618_Occidental Ave S.jpg
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