Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a ton of gripes this morning.  All petty and inconsequential.  Normally, I would list them all here under the banner of venting will make them all better.  But, I honestly think the better course today is to just ignore them in hopes that they will all shrivel up and die.  I have a good life. I have a great life.  That it is not 100% perfect all the time just makes it more interesting.  That's what i'm going with this morning.

In all this setting up of the joint account with my brother, I stumbled over a bit of info that takes a load off my shoulders.

My folks, before they died, divested themselves of real estate.  They sold it all and moved into a retirement community.  When my Dad died, I remember so clearly being in the probate office with my Mom and staring at this giant stack of stuff that the probate lady was handing over to us to deal with.  It was overwhelming.

Then she looked at the form we had filled out and said 'Oh! he did not own any real estate? Wow, that's great.'  Then she proceeded to cut the stack in half and toss half into the trash.  Lesson:  If you don't own real estate when you die, your heirs will be so grateful.

But, I own real estate and I love my real estate so I feel guilty about it.  My brother is going to have so much shit to deal with when I die and I'm just adding to his pile.

However, in our exchange of email over this joint account thing, I began to understand that when I die, he will just move in here.  He's thinking he'll turn over the day to day management of his business to his staff and just live here.  He hates Texas. He hates the politics and the allergies and the weather.  He'd love to live in Seattle.  So he'll just move right in here and take his time in figuring out what he wants to do next.  It will be perfect for him.

No more guilt. Nice.


Some 5,000 school kids have a program at the baseball field this morning and then will stay for the game that starts at 1.  So traffic will be a bitch all day around here.  I'm semi tempted to skip swimming and just stay in here all day.  But, I think I won't.  Worst case, I get stuck in traffic in the hot sun.  Big whop.  Worse things have happened.  I'll just make sure I'm there ready to dive in at 11 when they open - get my 30 mins in and get my ass home fast.  That's doable.

And I will have the ballgame this afternoon that will provide a nice nap background. All's good.
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