Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The stuff of the day...

Yesterday, when my gout wouldn't go away, I sent an email to my doctor to ask for a refill of my gout chasing magic pills.  I asked him to send it to the Walgreens that is near the pool. I've never used them before but figured it would be easiest.  I got a note this morning saying he would.

My game plan was to swim and then drop in and see if they had it.  On my way into the pool, email beeped on my phone and there was an email from Walgreens saying it was ready!!

Swimming was great and it didn't even get really crowded until about 30 minutes in and I was ready to go by then anyway.

I stopped at Walgreens and this very tall and really nice looking pharmacist said 'do you want that on your express card?' Turns out, if yes, they just hit the button and hand me the goods and it goes on my Discover card.  Yes!!

I got out to the car and opened up the bag and there was one of those FUCKING CHILD PROOF CAPS. I hate children.  I was in no hurry, so I went back in and found Mr. Tall Drink Of Water again and asked him if I could have an adult cap.  He gave me a big smile and said 'Sure!' and took off the child proof cap, turned it over and screw it back onto the bottle!!!  DOH!  We had a big laugh.

Then home and my coffee pot was here (but, interestingly and disconcertingly, even now, the Fed Ex site says it's Out For Delivery - man, I live by that tracking and have never known it to be so wrong!!! - glad I checked the package bin).  I packed up the old one in the new one's box and slapped on the return label and took it back down to the package bin.  If Amazon gives me full credit for that, I will not complain about them for a year or maybe even two.  The new pot is way nicer than I expected.

BECU replied to my joint account query with an excellent and personalized note.  Still waiting for Key Bank.

Time to clean up the kitchen and get on some bear making.
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