Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I really am feeling much better today. After feeling kind of icky most of the weekend, last night my gout toe decided to take a turn.  I iced it down before I went to sleep and, happily, never heard from it again.  This morning, it's way better.

Swimming today at 11.  Monday's swims are the ones I look forward to the most and always turn out to be the most frustrating because they are the most crowded.  My best luck seems to be to get in there first so that's what I'm aiming for today.

I just found a great sale on Amazon - Sandisk cards and drives.  My phone's storage card gets full fast but the next bigger size is too much money.  Today it is 1/2 of too much money which puts in the Better Get It Now category. So I did.

In other Amazon news, I'm going to be atomic testing their returns service this week.  My coffee pot died a couple of weeks ago and I bought a replacement. I decided, after a week, that I don't like it and want the better one.  So today, the new one arrives and I'll return the one I bought and have used for two weeks and no longer have any of the boxing or material that comes with it.  They should not give me a full refund but we will see.  Maybe they will give me credit for being way too frequent a customer!

Chef Anita comes tomorrow so I need to organize the fridge and freezer to give her room. And that's really about it for today's plans.
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