Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Better now

Last night I had an attack of the gut.  Horrible rolling abdominal cramps. I'm so glad I left the concert when I did because I'm not sure I'd have been able to get home on my own.  Finally about 11 pm things got better and I got some pretty good sleep - weird dreams but pretty good sleep anyway.  This morning I woke up famished and feeling a little better.

I took myself out for a comfort food breakfast and now I am home and still feeling better - not ready to do much more than rest comfortably but that's way more than I could do last night.  So... progress.  Some bad bad internal bug bite, I guess.  At least I'm now on the mend.

It's going to be too hot to be outside anyway and the glaring sun is in and out - good day for me to be in.

The baseball game is at 11 but I'm afraid to watch. Yesterday we lost in yet another walkoff 9th inning rally by the other team.  That's happened about a dozen times this year (it feels like) and is just a horrible way to lose.

Maybe if I nap while it's on TV in the background, it will be easier to handle.
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