Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was goood. I got in some laps before class and class was also good.  It just amazes me how much energy I have when I'm submerged in water.  In air, I'm a slug - an not even a comfortable one - in water, I'm invincible and ohhhh so graceful and competent.


In case I'm not invincible, I was thinking the other night that when I drop dead (and that's my prefered modus operen-die), my brother will have an immediate crisis. He'll have to drop everything in Texas and hustle his ass up here.  (Well, he won't have to, but he will.)  And that's going to cost him cash.  Plus he'll need cash to do other stuff - like get this place staged etc.  Even as executor, it will be a while before he can get his paws on my money.  So I'm thinking I'll just make him a signer on a couple of my bank accounts.  It won't cost me anything and might help him enormously.  Fortunately, I can trust him completely.   I have my cash at Key Bank and at a credit union.  I think the former will make adding him a BFD but the credit union will probably be easy.  Those are projects for next week.

(Also if I don't die but do drop, and he or his wife need/want to come out here or spend money on my behalf, it will be easier for him to just 'own' the account rather than have to use the financial power of attorney.)


Today I got $618 from my Heath Reimbursement Account.  Those dudes are on the ball. I got the form last week, signed it and sent via email on Saturday morning.  Check here today.  Nice.


I completely cleaned out the main litter box. It is in a bench/litterbox house.  I completely emptied the house and washed it down and then emptied the actual box and washed it down.  I put it all back together and vacuumed. If either one of them so much as peep (much less poop) a complaint, they can hire their own fucking maid.


And, Zoey, not to point a finger but Betty does not mess with non-food stuff on counters.  My back up waterproof mp3 player is missing.  I'm pretty sure the last time I saw it, it was on the credenza by the door.  Did you put it away for safekeeping??? If so, where, please.


I did most of the other chores I wanted to get done today.  The Mariners are winning in the 7th.  The Chesnians are gathering around the 'hood waiting for the gates to open. I think they don't open til 4.  It's now 12:30.  But, it's nice out - not too hot, not cold.  Tonight's going to be perfect weather for my virgin concert.
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