Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have gotten astonishingly good at burrito wrapping sandwiches. And I am really enjoying them.  Even turkey ones and turkey lunchmeat has always bored the tears out of me.  Wild.

I really hate rewards programs.  Just give me the $ off or not - don't make me jump through a million hoops and or carry a truckload of cards for your special club.  But, worst of all, when your system fails have a decent Plan B.  Petco - my phone number fell out of their system.  Their website only works with IE which requires me to go to a different computer.  Waiting on hold when you call them, is made even more annoying by their constantly telling me how important I am and then, when the person finally gets on the line, she tells me I don't have an account.

Petco, Love you litter, hate your club.

Earlier in the week, Katie Curic was on the Howard Stern Sirius XM radio show.  I wanted to hear the interview.  I signed up for their 30 day trial. I downloaded their android app.

I finally got to hear the interview but getting there was beyond complicated.  That has to be the worst app every conceived and written.  Good thing I have no desire to hear any more Sirius XM radio.

When I dropped off the bears this morning, the baby corner lady asked me if I had a minute to come in and as I was running way early for the pool, I did.  She had about 8 7th graders who were there on a class project to learn about different ways to give back.  They were testing batteries in toys for her.  She introduced me and talked about my bears as yet another way to contribute.  It was really kind of cool.  And they were really kind of cool.  They all stopped what they were doing for a minute and looked right at me and totally absorbed what she was saying.  It was a very brief but fascinating experience.  I thought, later, while I was swimming, what a very cool experience for those kids.  Wow.
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