Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday afternoon.  Today I'm going to delivery the bears on my way to the pool.  Those are my two big todo items du jour.

They have installed curtains in the new apartments outside my terrace! I am outraged!!!  How dare they block my view!  But, for now, they have the curtains pulled back and I can see kitchens.  I think they are planning to open up at least one floor for viewing at the end of this month and then start renting in August.  This is in the smaller building - the one next to me.  There's a larger on on the other side that barely has walls yet on the upper floors.  And they haven't even broken ground on the hotel/condo complex on the other side of the tall building.  Big happenings.

This weekend - Saturday - will be my first ever real concert.  And my first time in Century Link Field since it was completed.  The general manager of the construction took me on a couple of tours before it was finished (he was a fan of my website tracking the project) but once it was done, I never went back.  It's now 11 years old!!

When I was a teenager, we lived near Wake Forest University which had a beautiful campus of rolling green hills.  They used to have free lawn concerts there.  I saw Peter Paul and Mary sitting on the green grass on magical Summer night.  And that was it for popular musical group concerts for the next 50 years.

I am going to the sold out Kenny Chesney concert. I have a $30 ticket to a nosebleed seat.  And I'm kind of jazzed about it. I would not know Kenny Chesney or his music if he sang in my living room with a name tag but I am wild about one of his opening acts, Kacey Musgraves and the concert starts at 5 (my kind of time frame) and the door to the venue is about one football field from here.  Oh and it probably won't be Africa hot.

The stars are aligned and I'm going!!

And speaking of going, I need to go to Petco. I am now totally stuck on their refillable litter and I am getting perilously low.  Maybe after swim.  It's not really close to the pool but I got nothin else to do anyway.

And speaking of poop, I figured out how I can maybe have a dog one day.  Porch Potty!!  Someone here is moving and selling theirs so they put a flyer on the bulletin board.  I'm not going to buy theirs cause I am years away from a dog but still. When the time is right, I want a little one and the Porch Potty will be perfect for those times when we can't go outside.

Ok enough rambling. I need to gather up the garbage for the dumpsters.  Glamor life!
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