Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New things

Today will bring new things.  FedEx is delivering me a table and UPS is bring a rug.

The table is one I ordered from Walmart.  It cost $30 and my expectations could not be lower but if it works...  I'm looking to use it for the laptop at my chair.  I've tried a million things for the laptop and all failed.  I love that chair but it's a posture killer with the laptop.  I keep trying.  Maybe today...

My kitchen floor is tile - beige tile.  It's cold and hard and shows every drip - even plain water drips. I've had a rug on it for many many years but the rug got disgusting and when the ants hit about a month ago, the rug had a cometojesus meeting with the dumpster.  I've been rug free since but I'm tired of the cold hard floor so I ordered a rug.  It's a rag rug and I have a grippy mat for under it.  I'm hoping for a better look and warmer tootzies.

I have swim class at noon.  I'd honestly rather do laps than the aqua exercise, BUT, I rather enjoy the camaraderie of the people in the class.  And I'd miss not seeing them.  Lap swimming is pretty darned solitary which is fine but I do get plenty of alone time, so to class I go. I can do some laps before and after if I want to.

Like or tolerate?

I've been listening to Riki Lindhome's podcasts and the other day she was chatting with someone who said he liked kale and she said 'do you like like or tolerate'?  She explained, if kale were full of calories like say, brownies, would you still 'like' it?  If not then really you only tolerate it - maybe more than something else but you don't really like it.

There has been in my life some kinds of physical exercise - not many actually - that I tolerated.  I like not moving. I like sitting.  I tolerate most everything else.  I walk to get somewhere.  Any other forms of exercise I've done for the result, not for the doing.

Until I found swimming.  If swimming were bad for me, I'd do it anyway. Maybe not as much but I'd do it.  I love the way it feels. Just jumping into the pool is a rush of the very best kind.


Yesterday I changed the sheets on the bed and did all the laundry in the house.  And folded it and put it all away.  There is precious little - maybe totally cleaning the kitchen - that makes me feel more productive.  The kitchen's pretty clean but it could use some tidy.

The baseball game starts right after swim class today.  The Mariners had a couple of nice wins but now, apparently, are back to their regular losing.  Sigh.
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