Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ridiculously Responsible

Today, two pool buddies called me Ridiculously Responsible.  After a bit of cajoling I got them to mitigate that to my having the Appearance of being Ridiculously Responsible.  They were poking fun at my complete and completely organized pool bag with my swipe in card attached by bungee cord.  But mainly what got them going was that I swiped in on my way out.

You can buy pool time by the month or by the swim.  10 swims for xx or buy a monthly pass which  gets you in for any pool time - laps, play, classes, etc as often as you want.  (These cards are good at any of the city's 8 pools, too - quite the deal.  Mine cost me $45 a month. )

You are supposed to swipe on your way in but I got there before the front counter opened.  So on the way out, I swiped in.  The woman who staffs the front desk always laughs when I do this because she knows I have a monthly pass and it doesn't matter but, I think it does. I want to show the People In Charge that the pool is used a lot! So I always swipe.  Even if it's after.

And that's where the hijinks started with the name calling.  It's fun to have friends at the pool.

And my workout was fabulous. I did the 600 yards on the card and then cause the other guy in my lane left and I had it all to myself, did another 200 yards.  It felt good and fun.

Now I'm doing laundry.  I did some Flickr-ing but not much. It's going to be a lonnnnnnng job.
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