Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The payoff

I finally got my workout from Alvin today. It's in kind of swimmer shorthand so even with big print, it fits on a card a little bigger than a business card.  I want it on the edge of the pool so I can refer to it.  Yeah, I could have slapped it into a baggie.  But, I have 1. time and 2. office supplies and 3. a little ocd-ishness.

So I opened up my newly organized cupboard and found an old IBM punch card. I cut out the workouts - 2 or them- 1 front and 1 back.  and 'laminated them onto the card with packing tape.  Then the big find.  I had not tossed out a little bag of convention lanyard, card holder things that I should have.  I found that and dug out a clear plastic card holder. I slipped the laminated card into the holder. I found the hole punch (in the 'fastener' drawer with the stapler, staples, tape and paperclips - heaven!!!) and punched a hole in the top and fastened on a Mariners lanyard and I am totally good to go!!!

I can prop it up on the edge of the pool or hang it on my bag and dangle it over the edge - all kinds of options.

Hilarious because it's really simple and I'll have it memorized after a couple of times but I feel accomplished.

20130528_183323_Occidental Ave S.jpg

I also got the painting fix done and the cables all safely and tidily into their covers again.  I just love having so much time that getting the little shit done is fun. 
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