Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've never been to my regular pool on a Sunday and it was different.

Generally they divide the deep end into 5 lanes - easy, medium, fast, really fast and then two lanes for really easy (jogging, laps or really whatever you want to do).  Regardless of what I do, I always use the really easy section.  It's my comfort zone.

Today they had 6 lanes (no doubles) and two on the side of the pool where I normally hang were blocked off for lessons.  So I stuck to the Easy lane on the other side of the pool and that alone was weird.  It was kind of crowded.  The shallow end was crammed with kids.  The deep end had all lanes full.  My lane had 3-5 peoples in it.  I meant to only go 20 minutes but it felt so good and I was really into a Terri Gross interview on my player that I didn't stop.

But, I felt like traffic was mounting so I quit at 30 minutes. By then there was major traffic in the pool and way more coming in.  Note to me - on Sundays, get there early, get in get done and get out!  I knew getting home with Mariner traffic would be a problem.

Yet another surprise, Zero traffic.  You couldn't tell there was anything going on in the hood other than usual Sunday stuff.


I'm on this burrito/wrap kick.  I had leftover steak last night and I thought it would be a great wrap-ee with some crunchy julienne veggies.  I have nothing to julienne with and I had no veggies.  So I grabbed some at the grocery before the pool and came home and wrapped.

Cutting thin sticks is a bitch and I did not get them thin enough.  I ordered a julienne-er - be here on Wednesday.

But, it was a good sandwich - a layer of cream cheese, the steak and the veggies and drizzled with Anita's spicy peanut salad dressing.  It will be a great one when I get the julienne tool and can make the veggies more skinnier. It will be perfect for a hot Summer day.

20130526_130740_Occidental Ave S.jpg 20130526_130821_Occidental Ave S.jpg

And now for the Not Unexpected.  We in the 2nd inning and the Mariners are already down by 2.
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