Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I woke up this morning to NPR as usual.  This morning, the first thing I heard was that in 10 minutes they would be interviewing a friend of mine.  Marshall Chapman was in my class at my tiny little (120) high school.  She went on to be a country music star and has just put out her 13th album.

I remember Marshall playing her guitar all the time.  But I mainly remember her playing "Leaving on a Jet Plane..."  Marshall is my age.  In my mind she's about 20ish.  She has always had a deep voice and now she sounds like she's maybe 30. This morning in the interview she said she was in her 60's and I was shocked.  I crack myself up.

She sure doesn't look 64.

Also on NPR this morning was a piece on the two worse baseball teams playing today.  The Mariners didn't even make THAT cut.  We can't catch a break anywhere.


All the pools are closed tomorrow.  The closest one is open from noon-2 on Sundays for laps only.  I think I'll go do a few.  It would be dicey traffic wise since the Mariners are playing at home with a game at 1 but I cannot imagine the crowd will be big enough to cause a big issue and if it does, I'll just deal.

I want to stop at Walgreens and at the grocery for a couple of things I forgot yesterday. I can do it on the way to the pool.

I don't know what else besides the pools, the post office and the banks and the schools will be closed.  Even after all of these years out of the South, I'm still not used to Memorial Day.  When I was growing up it was like Flag Day. It wasn't a real holiday.  Nothing closed, it was hardly noticed.  (Jefferson Davis' birthday, was a huge deal.  Also, oddly, Easter Monday was a state holiday.)

When I got to college, in the spring of my freshman year, I remember clearly everybody talking about John Winchester's Memorial Day party at the Jersey shore.  I had no clue even when Memorial Day was - I thought it was August - and we had no Wikipedia!  It was a sad time.  (But, it was a GREAT party.)


I found a little odd white thing in the hallway this morning...  I picked it up to find the face of Zoey's favorite mouse.  Looks like they had a fun night.
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