Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I swam. Laps + class.  Then after my grocery store stop, I came on home.  Chores.

I got my music/podcasts organized so that I can easily and quickly load up my swim mp3 player so that it will always have a bit of both.  That organization took a bit more effort than it should have.  My old Windows desktop no longer reads compact flash cards - either in its built in reader or in usb card readers.  It has wonky CD drives, too.  It just needs an overhaul.  Someday I should send it back to my brother for a 10K mile checkup.  It's nearly 10 years old.  But, it has a transparent side with green lights inside and I love it.  So I want it to live forever.

And there are work arounds.  The one I grabbed today was an old external drive that I saved because it has a longer than normal USB cable. It's physically big and capacity small so it's really just a giant ugly thumb drive but because it's silver and big, I can always find it. And that's valuable.

I realized that I also need to clean out the cabinet in the living room.  I loaded it up 18 months ago and it needs a redo. I need to pull everything out and start all over.  This will be a good while-a-baseball-game-is-on project, but not today.

Or while my favorite Pandora station is on.  I recently tried and quickly abandoned Google's All Access.  About half of the music/artists I looked up returned a 'never heard of it' response to my search.  And you can't add songs/artists to your stations.  And I can't replicate my favorite Pandora station because I have no idea how to rebuild it. I gave it the name of aaaaa so that it always pops to the top of an alpha sort but.... aaaaa is not a helpful clue as to how I started the station.  It's full of old favorites and some stuff that I've never heard but really enjoy - in other words - the perfect station.  I've had it on all morning and enjoyed the heck out of it.  Thank you, Pandora.

I made 7 breakfast burritos (9 eggs, the rest of the gueye/swiss mix, the rest of the whipped cream cheese container and the bacon that Chef Anita left last time).  YUM!  Then I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned out the litter boxes and took the garbage down to the dumpsters and put the swim player in the car in my swim bag so I won't forget it tomorrow.

Then I came back up here and typed this up and now we're totally caught up!  I need to do a bit of online shopping and then I'm going to put my feet up and watch TV and knit bear until it's time for the Mariners to lose their next game.
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