Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Problem solved and soooo nicely!

Behind my TV, I have a row of electrical outlets with shit sticking out of them.  A lot of that shit is of the wart variety (as opposed to the regular plugs like extension cord plugs).  The outlets themselves stick out of the walls and Zoey thinks this is her special cat path.  Except when she steps on the warts she uplugs shit!

This is what it looks like:

20130524_130024_Occidental Ave S.jpg

I was constantly having to reset the plugs or even dig the plugs from the floor and plug them back in.  So, in my mind, I designed a shelf/walkway to give her a path and save my plugs.   I could have built it myself but I don't have a saw and the idea of talking a home depot guy into sawing boards for me .... nah.  Plus no other supplies and no place to build and/or paint.  So I sent an email to Amy at AmyWorks. I described what I wanted and asked if they could do it and told her I wasn't in a hurry.  That was Monday.  It was just delivered!!!!

Here's the thing:

20130524_130046_Occidental Ave S.jpg

And here's the result:

20130524_130119_Occidental Ave S.jpg

I love it!!  And it looks so much nicer than the naked plugs.  I'm beside myself with tickled.


My swim was good.  Alvin wasn't there and no one knew where his package for me was and I got momentarily pissed and then thought fuckit. I remember what he told me and I can do that for 30 minutes and I did and it was great.


I am on this huge burrito kick.  My breakfast burritos are just delicious.  I need to get parts tomorrow to make more of them.  I even had one for dinner last night. I had had a late lunch and just really wanted a snack.  It was perfect.
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