Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

5 minutes of news squeezed into 24 hours

  • A too big truck caused a bridge collapse an interstate highway between 2 small towns north of here.

  • The driver/company is cooperating with authorities.

  • 2 cars went into the water.

  • No one killed. Injuries minor.

  • Washington Department of Transportation asks you to avoid the area.

  • There is a detour.

That's it.  That's the entire story.  There is no more to tell. No one got a video of the action.  The bridge is relatively small.  Pictorially, you can get the full story in about 2 shots.

And, yet, we've had about nonstop news of the event since it happened yesterday afternoon.  News anchors reading Twitter and Facebook reaction from idiots.  Chatting with each other about bridges and wide trucks.  Our ABC has a news barbie who was in Minneapolis when they had their huge bridge tragedy.  Last night she and the news ken seemed so disappointed that this was not even close to that.

NPR is covering it this morning with the local peops adding 5 minutes of NO other details - just the same 6 bullets over and over again.

I majored in communications in college and part of graduation requirement was to prepare an kind of minor 'thesis'.  Oh could I write the crap out of a How To Do It WRONG thesis about today's coverage of shit like this.  (As it was I got an A on my arrogant tome  arguing that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was leading children down a ruinous path of entitlement.  I'm glad I don't have a copy of it, I'm sure it was horrible.  I got an A in most all my journalism stuff because I was the only girl in the department and they wanted to make sure they could brag about me.)

I have gotten better about not watching news from 5-7 every night.  I now watch the first few minutes of a couple of national news shows to get their headlines.  I also watch the first of a couple of local shows.  Then I try to watch something like Ellen during the news hole.  It's really stupid to watch and bitch and watch and bitch and watch and bitch.  I'm trying to break the cycle!!

Today is swimming. No class.  Alvin has my program all written out for me. He told me yesterday to pick it up at the front desk but Buchanan, at the front desk, knew about it but didn't have it.  I was in a rush to get home to meet Russell at 1:15 so I said I'd pick it up today.  So I'm not sure what I'll be doing but I know I'll find out when I get there and it will be lappy.

The pool is closed on Monday so I think I'll go and do laps on Sunday this week. I've been wanting to see what Sundays at the pool are like.  They are laps only - no lanes for vertical work so I've never been.  This week will be a good time to check it out.

OOOH I just got an email notice saying I had a Google Doc waiting for me - click here... What?  The url is a tinyurl.  Er, no thanks.  Funny. Gmail does such a spectacular job of scrubbing out shit that I haven't seen something like that in a long time.
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