Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maintenance Thursday

I designate one day a month (the 4th Thursday - no particular reason for this particular day) as technology maintenance day.  I make sure that all my computers have the latest update installed and working and then I reboot and recheck that working thing and then I make sure any batteries that need charging are charging...  computers, camera battery, cordless vac, etc.  Then I make sure everything is connected and working - like my little used eye-fi card which really involved finding the camera - crap I have way too much stuff.

Anyway, it's all done.  Everything is apocalypse ready.  Technology-wise speaking.


I just signed up to do beta testing for - I never heard of it.  They don't have an android app but they do, apparently, have desktop and want me to test that.  They are 3 blocks towards town from here.  Fun.


zimzat is coming for lunch today!  We're going to get sandwiches at a nearby place and bring them back here.  Should be fun.

But, first, there is the pool.  I have class today at noon but I think I'm going to go in earlier and practise what I learned yesterday.  Alvin taught me proper kicking.  I went on You Tube last night to see if I could find video of someone doing it properly and I quickly learned that flutter kicking on You Tube is drama and controversy and not so much fluttering.  Never use straight legs.  Always use straight legs.  Bend you knee.  Don't ever bend your knee.  If someone tells you to do xxx, ignore them.  PEOPLE!!!!  Can't we all get along??!!

Since my plans to join the Olympic team are vague right now and I'm not really looking for speed and what he showed me yesterday really did work my mid section, I think I'm going to stick with it and quit You Tubing about it.
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